Work package 1 - Development of ‘Less than wagon load’ concept

1.1 - Assessment of existing LTL market, products and costs

1.2 - Presentation of LWL concept

1.3 - Benchmark study on competitiveness of LWL solutions

1.4 - Process flow chart of all activities included in LWL concept

1.5 - Action plan for setting up a LWL connection

Work package 2 - Development of automated loading and unloading tool for pallets on wagons

2.1 - Design of an AWLS

2.2 - Presentation of the pro & contra’s of the different options

2.3 - Drawings of the initial mechanical and electrical design

2.4 – Execution plan and bill of material

Work package 4 - Assessment of business models

4.1 - Conceptual design of Truck Hub with a description of the main functions

4.2 - Assessment to connect Main Hub with Avantida Container Re-Use system

4.3 - Assessment to become empty container depot

4.4 - Assessment for drop-off point for containers for Left bank

Work package 5 - Validation of LWL and specialised services

5.1 - Market assessment of the need for parking for chemical wagons in the Antwerp chemical cluster

5.2 - Technical specifications and legal conditions that the wagon parking need to fulfil

5.3 - Market assessment of the need for specialised wagon repair services in the Antwerp chemical cluster

5.5 - Develop optimised wagon picking and buffering model

Work package 6 - Advanced cleaning services for chemical wagons, trucks & containers

6.1 - Analysis of the market demand for cleaning in the Antwerp chemical cluster for wagons, trucks and containers

6.2 - Identification of appropriate cleaning techniques

6.3 - Recycling and re-use of waste waters

Work package 7 – Combined trains with conventional & intermodal wagons

7.1 - Mapping the potential transport volumes: overview of the most promising hinterland regions

7.2 - Design of the mixed train service

Work package 10 – Validation of services with chemical industry

10.1 - Commercial presentation about new added value services

Work package 11 – Assessment of environmental impact

11.1 – Environmental assessment of each cluster

11.2 - Capacity of improvement of actual services